Sec. Dino pledges support for the furniture industry


Last July 31, 2018, members and stakeholders of the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF, Inc.) gathered for the annual General Membership Meeting and Election of the Board of Trustees at Cebu Country Club. It was attended by the majority of the members and partners of the foundation including DTI Assistant Regional Director, Nanette Arbon, DTI Provincial Director, Hope Melgar, Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, Sec. Michael Dino and RDC 7 Chairman, Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue who is also a trustee of CFIF.

Sec. Michael Dino, Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, graced the event as the keynote speaker. He discussed the current administration’s initiatives that would help the furniture industry. Mr. Dino addressed the issue on the illegal exportation of raw rattan and other furniture industry related challenges which, he promised to help solve. The Presidential Assistant pledged to give financial support to the Cebu Design Week, one of the flagship programs of CFIF, Inc.

The president of CFIF, Inc. Ms. Angela Paulin, reported the foundation’s milestones from the past year until the present highlighting the success of the Cebu Design Week. In her report, Ms. Paulin said “As one of Cebu’s leading business support organizations, we [CFIF] want to take the initiative of bringing everyone together to create a platform that will market Cebu as more than just a beach destination”. She then proceeded to present the upcoming projects and programs of the foundation.

CFIF has forged strong partnerships with CCCI, ECCP, DOST 7, DTI 7, Provincial Government of Cebu and other sectors. Amidst all the challenges facing the business sector, CFIF never rests in finding ways to support the industry.




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Cebu Design Week is a week-long celebration that aims to promote the circular ecosystem and to connect, create and cultivate Cebu’s creative sectors - from furniture and home, architecture, culinary, fashion, information and technology, hospitality and tourism, performing arts, and other sectors.


Cebu has a long, vibrant history and heritage as a creative center in the Philippines.  We have experienced waves of innovation throughout the years, with Cebu fondly called “the best kept secret” and the “Milan of Asia” due to its top quality & design furniture, furnishings & jewelry exported around the world for generations. 

Cebu today is sprawling with creative businesses in many fields, traditional and new. There are pop-up events showing these: Slam poetry recitations, VisPop, animation, gastronomic restaurants, digital innovations, hobbyists doing calligraphy and photography- IT IS A VERY EXCITING AGE IN CEBU! The new airport has been inaugurated, tourism is booming, conservation is much talked about, sustainability is a focus! More people are talking about pride of place more than any other time in the post-colonial age. The only thing lacking is an event that connects all of these things together: business, art, and a love for Cebu and country.

The Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation held a series of strategic planning and focused group discussions in 2016 and 2017, and voila! The Cebu Design Week is conceived.

People often ask, why is CFIF, a furniture organization spearheading this project? The answer is simple, CFIF is guided by the values of social responsibility, collaboration, and innovation. As one of Cebu’s leading business support organizations, we want to take the initiative of bringing everyone together to create a platform that will market Cebu as more than just a beach destination.

All these capabilities, talents, and creative energy that thrive in the island should not end in themselves. They should be propagated and promoted to the world.

Before, we were called the Milan of Asia. However, knowledge of who we are and pride of our heritage pushes us to reclaim our identity. We are not the Milan of Asia. We are Cebu.


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Thank you to our partners and participants who made the first ever Cebu Design Week a success.


'Green Mountain, Blue Sea' is CFIF's socio-environmental project that involves planting seedlings to assist the natural regeneration process in the hopes of making a big difference with one small step.


According to, the ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth. It generates half of the oxygen we breathe. It only makes sense that we take care of our waters. Planting mangroves is one of the best way to improve its health. Fifteen member companies participated to plant 3,400 mangrove seedlings last April 6, 2018 at the Barangay Calero, Lilo-an. According to the participants, it was gratifying knowing they took part in taking an action towards helping the environment.


'Cebu Design Week' is designed to be a catalyst for Cebu's creative sectors to be instrumental in transforming the island into a dynamic and relevant circular economy and influence big business and government in the process.



A stakeholder's launch for Cebu Design Week was held at Maya Mexican Restaurant last April 6, 2018 where creative stakeholders in Cebu have joined hands to push Cebu's world reputation . The press conference was the first public introduction of Cebu Design Week which will signal the creative sectors to an active stance in bringing Cebu to the world's radar once again. Organized by Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and co-presented by the Department of Trade and Industry and Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the first-ever Cebu Design Week will be a series of diverse events running from June 16-22, 2018. The events will help promote Cebu as a major experiential tourism destination and will highlight the different topographical and historical sites of the island. Cebu Design Week will be an inclusive, interactive, and action-oriented undertaking that will span a wide range of disciplines that compromise Cebu's creative ecosystem.


PIFS is a celebration of globally competitive furniture pieces and for many years has given justice to Filipino innovation, talent and craftsmanship world wide


The Philippines International Furniture Show (PIFS) was held last March 8 to 10, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. This event was a product of the joint efforts by the three main furniture trade associations in the country– the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFIF), the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), and the Pampanga Furniture Industries Foundation (PFIF). This year, PIFS collaborated with three renowned artists in the country to do a special lobby installation as an added aesthetic feature to the show: Dex Fernandez – the artist behind the rounded, many legged "Garapata" character taking over cities across the world in the form of stickers and street art; Robert Alejandro – painter, award-winning graphic artist, crafter, visual merchandiser, and one of the pillars of Filipino arts and crafts shop Papemelroti; and Tata Montilla – an artist with a natural interest on textures and various surface finishing, and abstractions that show his inner sanctum of balance and life's uncertainties. The show also made a special tribute to the late Osmundo Esguerra, a self-made furniture craftsman who excelled in wood work and developing a unique style that combines traditional and contemporary aesthetics to highlight the organic beauty of wood. Esguerra then restored antique furniture and catered to some of the biggest names in the country.


'CHAMBERS: The Cebu Project' is an unprecedented trove of objects from the island of Cebu which encompasses the furniture, home décor and fashion accessories sectors.


Cebu was proudly represented at October 2017’s Manila FAME through the 340 sq m booth of Chambers: The Cebu Project. It convened three industries, Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), Cebu Gifts, Toys and Housewares (GTH) and Cebu Fashion Accessories Manufacturers and Exporters (FAME). The name came from how chambers denote the houses in parliamentary governments as in upper and lower chambers. It also means rooms. Chambers: The Cebu Project is a literal reference to the activity. Its goals were to promote the province, market the different industries, sell products, and reclaim Cebu's place as the furniture capital of the Philippines.

It all began when the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions’ (CITEM) Executive Director, Clayton Tugonon challenged Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 7's Director Caberte to put up a Cebu province showcase at the Manila FAME, to which Director Caberte responded with her support. After a meeting with the Governor, the Province also showed their support. After a series of meetings, CHAMBERS: The Cebu Project became a definite inclusive project for the promotion of Cebu.

Thirty five companies represented the industries and capabilities present in the Cebu province. The 340 sq m-booth, featured furniture, furnishings, fashion accessories, and food. The entire booth conceptualized a hotel setting and also highlighted the fact that Cebu is a resort destination.

The collaboration of the three industries, the DTI Region 7, and the Province of Cebu is unprecedented. Furthermore, last January 2018 at SM City Cebu, this project was successfully re-launched in order to strategically market with the hype of the Sinulog festival. Both events garnered positive sales turn-outs. Everyone is hopeful that this success will continue.


'Green Mountain, Blue Sea' is CFIF's socio-environmental project that invites its members to join a well-organized movement which focuses on giving back to the local community and the environment.


The future belongs to our children and for them to enjoy the beauty of nature just like we have been fortunate to do so before them, we leave seeds in the earth behind us. In close collaboration with local organizations, we are running a reforestation project together with our members to make the mountains greener and the ocean more blue - in Cebu. The 2017 Green Mountain, Blue Sea project was held last July 2017 where 2 hectares in Barangay Tabunan in Busay were reforested with 3,000 seedlings. All our members were called to buy as many seedlings as they were capable of contributing with and in exchange,  the members were free to join and inspect the area, learn about planting and meet the farmers. According to the members, this was a great outing opportunity to bond with their team.


Q&A - Learn about One Stop Shop


What is the CFIF One Stop Shop?

One Stop Shop, or One Stop Inquiry Hub is a CFIF initiative and system that has been developed to match local and international customers to the right furniture manufacturer in Cebu, Philippines. With the 'right' we mean the companies which has the capacity, skill and means to cater your order based on your submitted inquiry. It works like a match making site, but for customers and factories. Try it out today!

Who can inquire?

Anyone! Regardless if you are a private customer searching for new living room furniture, a designer looking for someone that can bring life to your sketches or a contractor with needs to fill 500 rooms - the inquiry hub will find the factory to cater your requirements.

Who select the matching company?

Our system will take care of the match making process. Our members has filled up a form in which they have answered questions in regards to geographical position, materials, volume, et cetera. When you send your inquiry we will ask you for questions in regards to these topics to make the match as successful as possible for both parties.

If you have any other questions, contact us directly via:


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The Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), Inc. is the primary industry support organization of the furniture manufacturers and exporters in the Philippines.


Cebu manufacturers are known for their superior design capabilities and craftsmanship, playing a big role in promoting and establishing Cebu as the Design Destination of Asia. Cebu designers and manufacturers make use of indigenous materials such as sea grass, abaca (manila hemp), arorog and butay (coconut twig) mixed with wood, bamboo, rattan, stone and wrought iron. Other materials used are animal skins, shells, seeds, leaves and tree barks. Even termite mounds have been used in the production of furniture pieces. Furniture companies have started to produce eco-friendly furniture pieces. 



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Majority of the furniture factories in Cebu cater to the local furniture marketing in the Philippines. Regardless if you have an interior designer or if you want to make your own furniture realized, our members are ready to meet your requirements. Inquire today through our One Stop Shop here.


Commercial & hospitality

Our members furnish restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces all over the Philippine archipelago as well as the rest of the world. If you are looking for a supplier that can meet your requirements our One Stop Shop will link you up with the perfect match based on your demands.

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If you are a designer or a buyer and searching for a partner that can produce your items, we are confident that you have landed at the right place. In Cebu, there is something for everyone. Explore our Inquiry Hub to get matched up with furniture manufacturers today.

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