Cebu Design Week (CDW) 2019 is a week-long celebration of the capabilities, creativity and innovation of several industries in Cebu. The second edition of Cebu Design Week aims to connect, create and cultivate Cebu’s creative ecosystem, strengthen Cebu’s industries and reassert Cebu’s position as a destination for creativity and innovation.

Cebu Design Week, Cebu’s festival of arts, creativity, and innovation, is expected to become bigger, grander, and more inclusive this year.


CDW 2019 will take place on September 8-15 with most of the events happening in VisMin’s biggest convention center, IC3 Pavillion. There are several events that will happen within that week such as exhibits, makers' markets, conferences, a creative festival, and speed networking among many others. It will gather around 15,000 people composed of government representatives, business owners, industry professionals, start-ups, artists, creatives, and university students.

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From everyone here at Cebu Design Week, we would like to thank you for making the CDW Launch a huge success and for expressing interest and invaluable support to this creative movement. Looking forward to your participation in September!